Patient Room Equipment
  • Hospital beds and accessories
  • Overbed tables
  • Trapeze
  • Patient lifts

Bathroom & Safety Aids

  • Raised toilet seats
  • Shower seats
  • Grab bars and rails

Ambulatory Aids

  • Walkers
  • Crutches
  • Lift chairs
  • Lofstrand crutches

Self-diagnostic Equipment

  • Blood pressure units
  • Cholesterol monitors

Decubitis Care

  • Pressure relief mattresses
  • Foot positioners
  • Alternating pressure pads
  • Foot/elbow pads

There is a wide selection of pediatric and adult manual and power wheelchairs. We also offer a selection of three- and four-wheeled scooters.


  • Group 1 - products are available for patients with limited mobility and susceptibility to skin breakdowns.
  • Group 2 - products are intended to prevent pressure ulcers or aid in the healing of large or multiple Stage 3 or Stage 4 pressure ulcers.
  • Group 3 - products aid in the healing of severe Stage 3 or Stage 4 ulcers. For patients who are bedridden and immobile.