Respiratory Care

Respiratory care encompasses a variety of products to meet patients' needs - from various oxygen units to assist with breathing, to sleep aids and infant care products to reduce jaundice.

  • Oxygen - stationary and portable units
  • Apnea monitors - these monitor breathing and heart rate of infants and have an alarm that sounds if either of those rates decreases. The events are recorded and the information is downloaded monthly.
  • CPAP/BiPAP - used for treating obstructive sleep apnea. These machines provide continuous positive airway pressure through a mask. The BiPAP provides pressurized air through a mask that allows you to inhale and exhale at separate levels.
  • Nebulizers - these are available for people needing mist therapy, who have asthma, or similar problems in which breathing is difficult. Aerosol holding chambers for MDI aerosols are also available.
  • Phototherapy - fiber-optic units that use light to reduce jaundice in babies
  • Suction machines - these include portable tabletop units and AC/DC units for ease in travel. Supplies for oral or trach suction are also included.
  • Trach humidity - available with or without oxygen, and humidify the air being inhaled through a tracheostomy.

Respiratory Care