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Providers are maintained within our system by their service location. Within that provider location, we have captured the specific services offered within their delivery area by zip code. This allows immediate identification of the available providers for the requested service by simply entering the member's zip code.

(Excluding Medicare Competitive Bid Services)
Barton Direct, Inc
(800) 779-5611
Group 1&2 Alternating Pressure Mattresses, Patient Lifts
Bioventus, LLC
(800) 396-4325
Bone Growth Stimulators
Byram Healthcare Centers, Inc.
(877) 902-9726
Enteral, Erect Aids, Diabetic Supplies, Urological Supplies, Surgical Dressings, Ostomy Supplies, Insulin Pumps & Supplies (Out of Network for NHP)
Carepoint Medical Solutions, LLC
(888) 493-4471
Lymphedema Pumps & Arterial Insufficiency Pumps (Out of Network for NHP)
Comfort Medical Supply
(877) 204-3733
Commode Chair, Gel/Gel-like pressure pad, Erect Aids, Lift Chairs, Lymphedema Pumps, Power Chairs, Scooter and Off the Shelf Orthotics, Water Circulating Heating Pads
(800) 321-9549
Bone Growth Stimulator
Dyna Splint Systems, Inc
(800) 638-6771
Dynamic Splinting Devices
(800) 526-2579
Bone Growth Stimulator
Edgepark Medical Supplies
(800) 321-0591
Ostomy, Urostomy, Incontinence, Diabetic Supplies, Bone Growth Stimulator, Breast Pumps, Enteral, Erect Aids, Tracheostomy, Off the Shelf Compression Stockings & Surgical Dressings
Edwards Health Care Services
(888) 344-3434
Insulin Pumps & Supplies, Diabetic Supplies & Breast Pumps
Hoveround Corporation
(800) 701-5781
National Provider for Powerchairs, Scooter & Manual Wheelchairs (Excluding North & South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana & The Upper Peninsula in Michigan)
Infusystem, Inc
(800) 962-9656
Chemo Pump & Supplies
(888) 275-4524
Wound Vac, Dressings & Canisters
McKesson Patient Care Solutions
(800) 451-6510
Ostomy, Urological, Diabetic Supplies, breast pumps, and Wound Care Supplies
Medical Express Depot
(800) 633-0063
Insulin Pump & Supplies, Diabetic Supplies, CGM's & Supplies
Medical Solutions Supplier
(800) 734-0422
Lymphedema Pumps
Medtronic MiniMed
(800) 843-6687
Insulin Pumps & Supplies
Monarch Medical & Rehab Supply Inc
(888) 830-3018
Powerchairs, Scooters, Custom Wheelchairs & Seating (Excluding Michigan)
National Biological Corporation
(800) 338-5045
UVC Lights
National Wound Care
(800) 982-1835
Wound Vac, Dressings & Canisters (out of network for NHP)
(800) 527-0404
Bone Growth Stimulator
Otto Bock Orthopedic Services, LLC
(800) 736-8276
CPM Machines
Prentke Romich Company
(800) 262-1933
Speech Generating Device
(800) 793-1261
High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation System
Sleep RX
(847) 676-4138
Bi-pap & C-pap for states of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, California and Nebraska only
Solara Medical Supplies
(888) 474-9912
Diabetic Supplies, Insulin Pump & Supplies, CGM's & Supplies, Ostomy Supplies, Surgical Dressing, Urological Supplies
Southern Mobility and Medical
(800) 681-8831
Powerchairs and Scooters
Symbius Medical, LLC
(800) 948-1868
Enteral Feeding & Supplies, Ostomy, Urological, Wound Care Supplies
Tactile Systems Technology Inc
(866) 435-3948
Lymphedema Pumps
Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc
(858) 366-6900
T:Slim Insulin Pump & Supplies
Tobii DynaVox LLC
(866) 396-2869
Speech Generating Device
United States Medical Supply, Inc
(800) 787-6331
Diabetic Supplies
(800) 787-6331
Cpap, Bipap & Supplies, Nebulizer, Urological, Diabetic Supplies
Wellspect Healthcare
(877) 456-3742
Urological Supplies
Wound Care Services
(888) 331-3531
Wound Care Supplies, Lympedema Pumps & Garments, Wound Vac
Zoll Lifecor Corporation
(800) 543-3267
Auto External Defibrillators
Customer service representatives are available by telephone. They are experienced in handling every type of referral, including member, provider physician, and discharge planning coordinator. Please call (888) 732-6161 for assistance.

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