Why use our Third Party Administrator Services?
Why let us manage the utilization through the network?
Our program is successful in managing care costs for DME, prosthetics, orthotics, respiratory care and medical supplies because our guidelines are interpreted by the certified prosthetists, orthotists, respiratory therapists, and pharmacists we employ. We know the true cost of providing these services and can help providers arrive at the right item and the right HCPCS code to meet the member's needs. Many times there is no question regarding the need for an item, but there may be multiple questions regarding the type of accessories needed.

Third Party Administration

Why use our Third Party Administrator Services?
DMEnsion Network is a licensed third party administrator. With an in-house developed claims processing system, payment accuracy and timeliness are second to none. Backend claim integration has been established with major insurers, employers and trust funds.

Our state-of-the-art claim system allows:
  • Online benefits and eligibility determination
  • Complete backend claim integration with major employers and carriers
  • A variety of reporting options
  • Flexible payment and financing arrangements including
    • ASO
    • Performance guarantees
    • Consulting arrangements
  • 98% financial & processing accuracy
  • ASA under 30 seconds, always
  • 3% abandoned call rate
  • Inquiry cause analysis